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Jeanette Miller, senior partner of Geoffrey Miller Solicitors has always been a strong believer in the benefits of a US attitude towards client service. The success of her firm has been founded on a wealth of expertise in the field of motoring defence but also, on the high level of service offered to its clients. Please see our client videos for further details.

Many years ago the founding partner of the firm, Geoffrey Miller, joined a prestigious American attorneys group, DWI Lawyers. This was not an easy accomplishment as the group was only open to true experts as its members and Geoffrey had to undergo a rigorous vetting process before the group would let the firm join!

Jeanette Miller has always made it her business to ensure that her clients benefit from every argument the US group raises on behalf of its clients. In February 2008, Jeanette decided the time had come to go out to America and meet some of her fellow members. Like many industries, it became quite clear, that in America they are light years ahead of us!

Jeanette’s trip involved a 3 day intensive training course at the factory of the US company National Patent Analytical Systems Inc. This is one of the world’s only breathalyzer manufacturers who are so open and confident in the operation of their devices that they actually train defence attorneys on how to operate and calibrate their machinery. Click here to see Jeanette’s trained operator certificate

Jeanette’s trip to the factory in Mansfield Ohio, which produces the Camic Datamaster meant she was able to learn about the intricacies of the infra-red technology behind the equipment. This particular machine is not in wide use in the UK and features mainly in the North East and Scotland. However, she was soon shocked to learn just how many of the breathalyzer machines in use in the UK are NOT infallible especially when human input can cause significant error.

The course was very intense as it involved detailed analysis of the science behind the equipment but there was a little bit of time for some fun towards the end where pizza and beer was on the agenda followed by our own attempts to trick the equipment to give false and inaccurate readings!

We do not consider drink driving to be a laughing matter but have published some of the more cheerful photos of Jeanette’s trip above which show her smiling along with the owners of the breathalyzer company and some of her fellow DWI attorney members.

Jeanette’s relationship with this prestigious group of US Attorneys is an ongoing one and she has been invited to attend a number of conferences in the future. This gives all clients who instruct the firm an added advantage as we can involve the opinion of US lawyers and experts who are not afraid to challenge the Home Office approval process.

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