Rehabilitation Courses

It is possible for a period of disqualification to be reduced if an offender accepts an offer of a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course. These have been available since January 2000 and are now commonly offered by Magistrates to convicted offenders. They are not available to drug driving offenders.

If you accept an offer of a rehabilitation course and proceed to complete the course to a satisfactory standard by the date specified by the Court when your sentence was imposed, your period of disqualification will be reduced, usually by 25%.

If the reduction to the ban is to take effect, the offender must accept the offer of the rehabilitation course whilst at court for sentencing and must agree to bear the cost of the course. Attendance at the course in a sober state is mandatory and it is only once the course has been completed to the certification of the course provider that the court will be notified and in turn, DVLA will be informed and will reduce the period of the ban. If a course provider refuses to certify the course as being satisfactorily completed, it is possible to appeal this to the supervising court.

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