If you lose your case or the sentence imposed is too harsh and you wish to appeal against the conviction and/or sentence imposed, then a Notice of Appeal must be lodged within 21 days of the sentence being imposed, stating the grounds on which you want to appeal (e.g. the Magistrates erred in convicting on inadequate, misleading or inaccurate evidence).

There are 2 main routes to appeal:

Crown Court Appeal this involves a complete rehearing of the whole of the case. The Prosecution can produce more evidence or call further witnesses as can the Defence.

High Court Appeal this involves asking the High Court to consider an appeal on a specific point of law you feel the Magistrates got wrong.

If you are unsuccessful on appeal the penalty imposed can be increased, and you will have to pay the Court costs, which could be several thousand pounds.

If you were represented by a non-expert at the Magistrates trial of your case, or if you were not represented at all, it may be worth seeking our opinion on the prospects of an appeal.

We are usually able to provide a full opinion about the merits of an appeal for a fixed fee of between £1000 to £2000 plus VAT.

The costs involved in pursuing an appeal start at £3000 plus VAT.

If your appeal is upheld, you should be entitled to an order for ALL costs to be taxed (assessed) and paid to you from the Court Central funds. (This would include any previous costs paid to a previous firm for the Magistrates Court case if paid for on a private basis.)

Because the clock is ticking and the time limit for appealing is a strict immovable deadline, please contact us now for a no strings chat about how we could assist in mounting an appeal on your behalf as soon as possible.

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