We know and understand that if you have been charged or face a potential alcohol related charge, whether it be drink driving, drunk in charge or failing to provide a specimen, this is likely to be a very frightening time for you. This site is part of a trading style of Drink Driving Solicitors - We are here to help guide you through your options so that you can make the right decision about how to deal with the charge you face. We are here to fight to save your licence, reduce penalties that may be imposed and if nothing else, we are also happy to be a “shoulder to cry on” at this trying time.

Even if you think all is lost, please read on for more information about your options. (They may not be as bad as you think). You can call us day or night for a “no strings” chat with a qualified lawyer (not a call centre) about your options.

Payment is not required for this initial telephone advice service.

For those people looking for a legal aid lawyer, unfortunately, we can’t help you beyond offering the information set out in this site. Legal Aid will not be available for most drink driving related cases because the risk of a prison sentence only arises in the case of repeat offenders or where a very high alcohol reading (More than 3 times the legal limit) has been taken. Please contact the Community Legal Services Commission for details of a legal aid lawyer in your area..

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